Stained Glass or Leaded Glass

Leaded Glass also commonly known as stained Glass is our business. We are a husband and wife team that originate from Hungary and have been supplying stained/leaded glass artworks to customers all in and around the Johannesburg - Pretoria area.

How it Works
The initial visit is usally covered by a nominal call out fee, which becomes part of the full contract price once your inquiry becomes an order.
Best Quality Workmanship
Our price is the result of a precise calculation process, not a "thumb sucking" exercise, that is left to the amateurs and flee market operators. We make in-depth research to establish the honest cost and selling price of our projects. On the flip side, our price is final and firm, no amount built into it for bargening so there are no come backs for re-negotiating later.
We have combined our knowledge of design and application to manufacture stained Glass which is totally unique, placing us above the rest, concerning delivery length, precision, finish, and quality of work.
To sum it up we supply individuals anything from simple to complex artistic artwork. We also supply Architects/Interior designers quotations for work on complex building projects.

Fully Customized Stained Glass designs for a great variety of Doors, Windows and more.

Best Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

We Operate mainly in Johannesburg & Pretoria

Office Contact - 011 849 1894
Mobile Contact - 082 343 6636